How We Work

Set standards and benchmarks of quality, efficiency and administrative excellence, particularly in the area of staff training that will manifest itself in their area of care. To achieve and continually improve the levels of such self-imposed standards, the company’s philosophy towards the recruitment and engagement of its management and staff, will assist it in achieving market competitiveness and the clients first choice provider.

Will carry out a recruitment procedure that exceeds the minimum standards prescribed by the National Minimum Standards and incorporated into the new registration criteria for Nurses Agencies.

Demonstrate integrity and professionalism in all of its business affairs, and trade with in the code of conduct expected of the inspection and Registration Bodies (C Q C) and its clients.

Through its recruitment and selection criteria, the agency will fulfil its obligations as stated within its aims and objectives, in its provision of skilled and experienced nurses and health care assistants committed to seeking continued professional opportunities, who can demonstrate a high level of competency and a desire to assist the service user in achieving their goals, in the community.

The agency will operate a 24 hours service accessible to both clients and employees. In the event that a worker can not fulfil a booked assignment the agency will endeavour to provide alternative arrangements. In the event that a nurse or health care assistant are unable to continue with a long term assignment through sickness or personal reasons, the agency will through consultation with the client/service user seek to replace that nurse or health care assistant with another equally suitable staff.